It’s a Sign

Lyric Sign at Night 26th September 2011

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My First Post

Hello world, ‘Hey! It’s me‘. My very first blog post.

I’ve decided to start blogging..Gulp!!

Why you may ask? Well, I’ve loved reading some great blogs from Leeds over the last year, especially Deano Blog and The Culture Vulture, both of which have kinda inspired me to start my own. I’ll start by saying now, it won’t be up their standards…but I can but try.

Local people may recognise my banner image, it’s the lovely Yorkshire coast seaside town of Filey, which I took in Easter 2011 at 2.00am on a secluded beach. It was a magical moment, I didn’t see a soul for the whole time I was there, the other shots are on my Flickr, link also on the left menu.

One thing you’ll find is that I love all ‘GEEKY‘ things, so I apologise now for some of the up-and-coming posts…But! I’ll also be talking about my desire of cooking, my beautiful family, astronomy, film, good design, ..basically everything that interests me and happens in my life. Which is quite a lot, and I’d love to write those memories down.

I bid you my 1st farewell with an image of me, ♥Wifey and my amazing Girlies on the stunning Filey Beach.

A lovely Spring day on Filey Beach with the family
Wifey and The Girlie

The Lyric Trilogy


The Lyric Picture House, September 2011 by Carl Milner

Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood | Image courtesy of ©2011

We all have our favourite cinemas from our childhood; some lucky kids had Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Holly wood Boulevard. Pictured here at the opening of Star Wars in 1977.

In sharp contrast for me, it was The Lyric Picture House on Tong Road in Leeds, built 5 years before Grauman’s in 1922 by Leeds Architects Jones & Continue reading The Lyric Trilogy

My Grief as a Star Wars Fan

As a lifelong Star Wars fan since 1977, you can at times get irritated and ‘sometimes’ elated at good old George Lucas for the changes that he makes to the Star Wars films over the years, The updated Mos Eisley scenes in the 1997 Special Edition of The New Hope were most impressive at the time, then came the DVD’s with more changes, and now with the Blu-ray set coming out with EVEN more changes, we as fans are just getting a little beside ourselves with grief at this constant tinkering. Continue reading My Grief as a Star Wars Fan