My Grief as a Star Wars Fan

As a lifelong Star Wars fan since 1977, you can at times get irritated and ‘sometimes’ elated at good old George Lucas for the changes that he makes to the Star Wars films over the years, The updated Mos Eisley scenes in the 1997 Special Edition of The New Hope were most impressive at the time, then came the DVD’s with more changes, and now with the Blu-ray set coming out with EVEN more changes, we as fans are just getting a little beside ourselves with grief at this constant tinkering.

Of course there are stages that we fanboys go through when finding out about Lucas’s changes to our beloved films, so B.Freed has created this hilarious infographic pointing out the stages of a fans grief. (Illustration by Brooke Hatfield)

Personally I think this infographic is pretty damn accurate because I’ve seen myself going through these stages. Check it out!

A Star Wars fans Grief

As for me, I’m still going to cave in and buy the Blu-ray’s on the 12th of September (already on Pre-Order with Blockbuster) and have myself a nice little Star Wars screening party with Wifey and the Girlies.

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