Teaser for a Trailer

It’s EPIC!!

Don’t get excited..we’ll not too much, it’s only a ‘trailer for a trailer’ for Ridley Scott’s first sci-fi movie in many years, Prometheus which is now online. It’s a 30 second “trailer preview” for the actual trailer that will be released online this Thursday. It has some behind-the-scenes footage (as well as a tiny bit of actual footage) interspersed with Scott talking about the film on set (though the grainy stylistic flourish is quite appealing). It ups the horror aspect of the flick, something I was extremely happy to see, as it has connections to Scott’s Alien, it really does look like he’s drawing from the horror tone of my favorite classic horror/sci-fi epic instead of simply making a sci-fi actioner.
Teaser for a Trailer
Beautiful 'Nostromo-esque' Engines Nostromo Mark II??
More Eggs??
Alien AcidIts got ACID FOR BLOOD
Get the Flame Throwers OutGood old flame throwers
Chest Buster?Chest buster action???
Your Quarantined Go to Quarantine..your not coming in!!You First
You first!
It's got ACID FOR BLOOD!!!Arrghh

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