Stargazing with Photoshop

On a regular visit to see my lovely sister-in-law at St James’s Hospital “Jimmy’s” in Leeds one evening, where she was recovering from a major cancer operation in the new Bexley Wing, I noticed how wonderful the skyline of the city looked like from the hospitals multi-storey car. Yet again I whipped out the trusty camera and snapped away and got some good shots of the twinkling vista. (above header image)

Feeling quite bored a few nights later when stargazing over Leeds was obscured with clouds, I decided to re-imagine what the City of the Loiners might look like if we lived on Jupiter’s Europa or Saturn’s Titan. So armed with the shots from earlier in the week, a few Google image downloads and the wonders of Adobe’s Photoshop I set about realizing this vision.
Jupiter over Leeds Header MilnersBlog
A few hours later after doing some intricate masking, global hue and saturation changes, adding additional lights and glows and planetary re-positioning…“Voilà!”..
Jupiter over Leeds with Photoshop Wizardry
Saturn over Leeds

PS..The Sister-in-Law is recovery very well, so much so, she returned home today 🙂