Devil in the Clouds

Devil in the Clouds over East Leeds
Bit of an opportunist shot, but this apparition appeared in the clouds over Leeds today, my daughter said its Harry Potters Lord Voldemort returning from the dead 😉
Devil in the Clouds 2 over East Leeds

10 thoughts on “Devil in the Clouds”

  1. Hi Carl,

    I work as an assistant producer for a television production company called Blink Films based in London, we are producing a documentary for the Smithsonian Channel in the US and Channel Five in the UK. We are producing a documentary exploring the Turin Shroud, within this film we are keen to show examples of photographs that show how familiar images can be seen in the natural world around us. As a result it would be great to use your photograph above in our documentary. If you are happy with this I would really appreciate if you could let me know.

    Many thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Crispin Green
    Assistant Producer

    Blink Films
    Biscuit Building
    10 Redchurch Street
    E2 7DD
    T)0044 (0) 207 749 3160

  2. Hi Carl, I sent you an email yesterday after we spoke. Did you see it?

    We will credit you at the end of the film as ‘Carl Milner’ – does that work for you?



  3. Hi Carl,

    I’m a producer for a show on National Geographic Television. We’re interested in including one of your images in an upcoming episode. Please contact me at your nearest convenience.


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