My Instagram Eye

The Instagram Eye of the Photographer
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With my 340+ Instagram photos, I decided to create a Mosaic photo from them all. Remarkably this was quite  easy to create, I used Instaport to download all my Instagram photos as a zip file, which I then extracted to a folder, then I used  Andrea Mosaic to make the image using the source images and a photograph of my eye for reference. Both pieces of software are free to download.

7 thoughts on “My Instagram Eye”

  1. Hi Carl
    I am Nadav a teacher from Jerusalem Israel. I want to ask your permission to use your mosaic photo. I want to use it in a powerpoint presantation in an educational nonprofit conference of gifted-children-teaching.

    if it is OK I prommis to give you the credit 🙂


      1. Carl thank you so much I really appreciate it!
        I will gladly send you the presentation I am making. (Just take into account it’s in Hebrew and you will probably need to google translate it 🙂 )
        Send me an email to and I’ll send it to you

        I think this photo says a lot about our culture…

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