Harrison Ford 70 Born July 13 1942

Happy 70th Harrison Ford

It’s hard to believe Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford is 70 today, we watched one of Wifey’s favourite films at the weekend ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark‘ on DVD after the BBC pulled it and put Wimbledon on instead. It’s the one film which she thinks he looks his most handsome, so knowing she could never get her hands on the real thing (even though she’s a year younger than his current wife Calista Flockhart) I decided not long after we met to draw her own personal portrait of him, which until recently was boxed away in the loft, which I’m glad to say has now resurfaced in the Milner Household, she also has a few others which I’ve done for her over the years.
Happy 70th Birthday Harrison Ford
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Harrison Ford was asked only recently if he would be retiring, to which he said..

‘Retirement’s for old people, I’m still in the business, thank you,’ Harrison Ford


Happy Birthday Dr Jones..

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