Yorkshire Day

I was kindly invited by @veroce (Veronika from Sweden) to do an #mycountry9 collage of images from my Instagram feed highlighting the beauty of the UK, instead I used images from my home City of Leeds and what a perfect day to post them on Yorkshire Day.
Yorkshire Day in LeedsClick to Enlarge

Also a Poem for Yorkshire Day

What should tha do on Yorkshire day
Tha should wear Thi rose wi pride
Show the world Thi whippets
And the ferrets tha keeps inside
Get dressed up in Thi Sunday best
To get in party mood
But dun’t forget to muck art
Thi pigeons of special brood
For Yorkshire folk enjoy their sens
Eighting pie from enormous plates
Wi dollops of homemade sloppy pei’s
Drinking John Smiths art of crates
They wear a special flat cap
Always wi a smile
And put on their fancy hob nailed boo-it’s
That’s walked a many a mile
But before tha goes to party
Remember the Yorkshire way
And that’s to sew up Thi pockets
So someone else can pay

By Liptrot