The Knaresborough Ravens

Janette Igraine Hustwitt Skelton Her Majesty's Keeper of Castle Ravens Knaresborough
Janette Igraine Hustwitt Skelton, Her Majesty’s Keeper of Castle Ravens at Knaresborough, West Yorkshire UK

I took this wonderful candid portrait of Janette Igraine Hustwitt Skelton, The Queen’s Keeper of Ravens at Knaresborough Castle on a recent visit. You often find Janette and her ravens around the castle on weekends and bank holidays through-out the summer.

At first I thought the bird in the shot was a Crow, some thought Magpie, it could have even been a Magpie/Crow cross, but in fact he’s an African Pied Raven native to Africa and Madagascar. The one above is called Mourdour named after the necromancer in Ivanhoe, they only grow to crow size so are commonly known as Pied Crows. Janette really loves all her Ravens as you can see from the picture I captured, she’s also given them great names as well…there’s Elf, Gabriel & Izabella. Continue reading The Knaresborough Ravens