Humber Estuary

I recently managed to steal a few moments from a busy schedule to capture the glorious Humber Estuary on a day that had some of the most epic clouds as its backdrop, as well The Humber Bridge nestled across it, this was a truly a photographers dream. The walk from the car park through the Humber Bridge Country Park was also a joy, something I’d recommend to anyone visiting Hull.

I hope you enjoy the photo’s, most of them have detailed description embedded in the WordPress Carousel Gallery.

27 thoughts on “Humber Estuary”

  1. yet again milner, brilliant. a: how did you get the light through the trees like that. b) what processing techniques do you use for the black and white pictures. I love the contrast of the clouds

    1. Cheers Ian, bit of a starburst filter and enhanced later in post using Snapseed on the iPad, all the B/W’s I processed in Snapseed as well, using the Drama filter. Its the best photography app IMHO, no wonder Google just bought the company

    1. It’s a great place to visit is the Humber Bridge Country Park, quite a hidden gem nestled under the bridge as the hustle and bustle of the traffic goes by over head

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