Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Looks like Sara Rosso has set quite a tough WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme ‘Foreign‘ this week. I took this photo in an old abandoned brickwork factory which now has a new life as the urban playground for local Graffiti Artists plying their own visual style, which to the uninitiated can seem quite Foreign, take the picture in question… beautifully crafted in a visual language all of its own. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  Foreign © Carl Milner 2012
I’ll visually explore this Graffiti Factory in-depth in my next post.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign”

  1. this reminds me of a TLC show…a bunch of photographers shoot abandoned places ranging from castles to factories…and were able to present to viewers the beauty of it all…and the length they have to go through just to get their awesome shots…loved watching it! need i say that i’m looking forward to your next blog?

    1. Cheers Nick, I think with strong vivid selective colours it can work quite well
      I must say, I struggled at first for a shot for this weeks challenge as I like to use something very recent.

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