Beaver Moon

UPDATED IMAGE : The Moon & Jupiter with 3 Galilean Moons 

The Moon & Jupiter with 3 of her Galilean Moons 28.11.12 [Click to Enlarge]
The Beaver Moon 27 - 28th November 2012 ©Carl Milner MilnersBlog 1
The Beaver Moon

The Beaver Moon according to North American folklore, is the first full moon in November, which for us in the England is the 27-28th of November, and although there was plenty of cloud cover the moon did manage to make an appearance this month, something we missed when it’s closely related Hunters Moon was supposed to appear in October. The Beaver moon can also be called the Frost moon or the Frosty Moon, both of which I prefer.

The Beaver Moon 27 - 28th November 2012 ©Carl Milner MilnersBlog 1
Eye of the Moon

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The History of Beaver Moon

Two reasons are given for the coupling of the November moon with the flat-tailed aquatic animal: November is a month when many hunters used to set leghold traps for beaver,and November is a month when many beaver families are especially active in rebuilding their beaver lodges and dams. Much of the mammals’ building and repair work takes place by moonlight, because the beaver is primarily nocturnal. Both explanations implicate November’s position as the last full month before the coming of winter, as beaver (which do not hibernate) need to have ready access to food during the cold months, and need to grow an especially lush pelt of fur so as to be prepared. By the traditional valuation standards of the fur trade, a late-fall beaver pelt was worth more than a pelt harvested during other seasons of the year. 

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Colour of Music & Song

Colour of Song Poster by Dorothy © 2012
Colour of Song

Dorothy, who brought us the brilliantly detailed Song and Film Map featured earlier on MilnersBlog have just released two gorgeous ‘yet simple’ styled ‘Pantone’ prints which celebrate colourful song titles and band names by displaying them in colour wheels that look very reminiscent of vinyl LPs…

The Colour of Song print features titles from 576 songs including classics like Back in Black, Brown Sugar, Fools Gold, and Blue Monday. Meanwhile, The Colour of Music poster includes the names of 154 musical artists, from Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and Orange Juice – to the more obscure Silver Apples, Black Flag and the Green Telescope.

Both prints are available to buy from 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Weekly Photo Challenge Thankful Carl Milner MilnersBlog
My Heart in Wifey’s Hand

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Thankful’ …what are you thankful for in your life as we head towards the end of 2012?

I’m thankful for so so many things, my girls especially, but most of all is the constant and unrelenting love of a good wife.

Her Heart…My Hands

I’m also quite Thankful for Photography, because as Ian Ruhter said…

“When I found photography, it was like I found my voice.”


Abandoned Projectors

Part 3: The Lyrics Last Picture Show

I’m finally concluding my Lyric Picture House Trilogy of Blogs, which ends with a photographic gathering of the visits to my favourite childhood place, the place that was The Cinema of My Youth that was fleetingly re-opened after 22 years from its dormant state of being untouched by human eyes for Lucy Skaer’s Film for an Abandoned Projector only then to be entombed yet again from our loving gaze… such a sad waste.

Stay Frosty

Stay Frosty ©Carl Milner MilnersBlog
The garden looked quite magical on Sunday morning with the early morning frost, something I didn’t want it to end for all the photo opportunities…hence the title. But it can also mean so many other things, like the act of bidding farewell which has come to mean “be cool,” but more commonly as a cautionary word to stay alert and be on one’s toes, brilliantly used in one of my favourite films Aliens by Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn)

“Hey! I know we’re all in strung out shape but stay frosty and alert. We can’t afford to let one of those bastards in here.” Continue reading Stay Frosty