Planet Bubbles

Planet Bubbles 01 ©Jason TozerPlanet Photography…such a potent mix that appeals to my passion of space, but!…these images are not some newly discovered planet by NASA’s Cassini space probe, instead their images created by London-based photographer Jason Tozer. He creates these amazing planet bubbles on a wet ring, which includes the construction of a Perspex dome for better lighting so he can capture the real complexity and beauty of a soap bubble’s surface. He then sometimes uses a straw to jiggle the surface of the bubble and make its colours swirl to create beautiful Jupiter-esque patterns. To create his ‘Bubble’ concoction, he mixes household detergent with glycerine to produce longer lasting bubbles.

Tozer says…
The first time I shot bubbles was when Sammi Vaughan at Creative Review asked me if I’d take some pictures on a Sony camera for an advertorial that was to appear the CR blog. As the Sony TV ads at the time were the ones that filled a cityscape with foam it was decided that a starting point of bubbles was relevant. I spent a happy day with an assistant making all sorts of pictures of bubbles & soapy films.