Abandoned Projectors

Part 3: The Lyrics Last Picture Show

I’m finally concluding my Lyric Picture House Trilogy of Blogs, which ends with a photographic gathering of the visits to my favourite childhood place, the place that was The Cinema of My Youth that was fleetingly re-opened after 22 years from its dormant state of being untouched by human eyes for Lucy Skaer’s Film for an Abandoned Projector only then to be entombed yet again from our loving gaze… such a sad waste.

21 thoughts on “Abandoned Projectors”

  1. Wow, amazing photographs, Carl!! I love immersing myself in such nostalgia, and your photos really bring everything to life. Loved looking through them all, great work!

    1. Why thank you so much for the lovely comments, I really appreciate them.

      Its a great old cinema, shame no one restores it, as I’m people would rather visit them than the MultiPlex

    1. Thanks Bill, I’d love to renovate an old cinema to it’s former glory, they have so much soul.

      Loved your Greek Cinema post, the kind of post you need to put your feet up to read and really enjoy it.

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