Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Lovely WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge from Sara Rosso this week with the theme ‘Green’ …the kind of word to have some real fun with and can go absolutely crazy with imagery.

Planet Bubbles

Planet Bubbles 01 ©Jason TozerPlanet Photography…such a potent mix that appeals to my passion of space, but!…these images are not some newly discovered planet by NASA’s Cassini space probe, instead their images created by London-based photographer Jason Tozer. He creates these amazing planet bubbles on a wet ring, which includes the construction of a Perspex dome for better lighting so he can capture the real complexity and beauty of a soap bubble’s surface. He then sometimes uses a straw to jiggle the surface of the bubble and make its colours swirl to create beautiful Jupiter-esque patterns. To create his ‘Bubble’ concoction, he mixes household detergent with glycerine to produce longer lasting bubbles.

Tozer says…
The first time I shot bubbles was when Sammi Vaughan at Creative Review asked me if I’d take some pictures on a Sony camera for an advertorial that was to appear the CR blog. As the Sony TV ads at the time were the ones that filled a cityscape with foam it was decided that a starting point of bubbles was relevant. I spent a happy day with an assistant making all sorts of pictures of bubbles & soapy films.

The Clock Tower Trilogy

Part 1: Leeds Town Hall

The Leeds Town Hall 29 © Carl Milner 2012I’ve recently managed to photograph two amazing clock towers and with a third one in the pipeline I thought I’d share them in a trilogy format of photo-blogs. The first in this series is Cuthbert Brodrick’s Town Hall which is truly one of the finest jewels of Victorian architecture at the heart of Leeds in my opinion. So when I noticed a ‘one-off’ tour was part of the Leeds Light Night festival recently it was our first port of call, but sadly this un-bookable event was already booked up when we arrived, but!!! to my delight a phone number was left for a catch-up tour for a few weeks later, so a quick call and our places were booked, and I’d finally get to see the hidden, secret side to this wonderful building.

On a glorious sunny Saturday morning with ❤Wifey on my arm and the trusty camera on the other, the Town Hall Clock Tower was our first port of call, the assent to the tower was by stairs (203 of them) and not for the faint hearted. Throughout the 90 minute tour our guide was Dr Kate Vigurs, an experienced and engaging historian who was very knowledgeable about the whole workings of the Town Hall clock; she also gives some quite insightful stories about the whole building, especially its courtroom and the characters of old that once stood in the dock.

It seem after that mornings tour of the historic clock tower, it’s now to become a permanent Saturday fixture in 2013, so with or without a camera I’d highly recommend this tour…but if you don’t take one, you’ll wish you had when you get out onto the parapets around the clock tower and witness the amazing vistas of Leeds that await you.

I hope you enjoy the gallery…I’ve also added some really interesting ‘Did you know’ facts about the Town Hall within each ones description… just click on any image to launch the Image Carousel 🙂

…..The next two in the Clock Tower Trilogy are both ‘No Public Allowed’ photo-tours.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Yet another tough WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge with the word Renewal, one you can quite easily do something fairly cliché, so the challenge of finding a non-formulaic image was a tough one. But…whilst walking around the Holbeck Urban Village in Leeds (which in itself is going through its own Urban Renewal) I came across nature doing its piece of renewal in what has to be some its hardest conditions.Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge Renewal MilnersBlog ©Carl Milner 2012