My 2012 in Pictures

I’ve tried to pick my best pictures I’ve taken in 2012 and have those pictures hopefully tell you a visual story about my first ‘full’ year on MilnersBlog, every image has a caption and relates to a blog post I’ve done in 2012.

This post is part of the brilliant WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge which has introduced me to so many brilliant bloggers and like-minded photographers.
Happy New Year to you all
Carl ­čÖé

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I love a nice Blueberry Cheesecake, but to my ‘Surprise’ the cheesecake was happy to see me as well when I got it from the fridge…. Perfect picture for this weeks┬áWeekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Weekly Photo Challenge- Surprise
Happy Cheesecake Face

Wood Face

Nose Hair

I often take photographs of this psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia which involves seeing a vague and random stimulus being perceived as a significant image, often a face. So for this Word of the Week Photo Challenge ÔÇô ‘Wood’ I’ve shown two examples of animals/faces that I’ve seen in old tree bark.

Wood Rabbit
Wood Rabbit

Black Ice

Festival of Angels York ┬ęCarl Milner MilnersBlog

The Festival of Angels was so stunning I’ve had to split it into two separate blogs, this one is all Black & White photography of just the Ice Sculptures. There’s something quite beautiful and ethereal about doing a subject in just B/W, a medium I started using over 25 years ago in the ‘Good Ol’ Days’ of film and bromide when I was studying Graphic Design at Art College in Leeds, since then I’ve only used B/W a few time, the last was with an Ilford film using my Ricoh KR10 Super (which I’ve still got) when my little girl was a toddler running around the house causing mischief (which she still is today)…one of the photo’s is still my favourite shots of her.

In the New Year I’m going dig out my Ricoh and get back to my first roots of photography with film, patience and just a single shot.

This was my ‘first’ post totally using just the new iPad WordPress app

Festival of Angels

Festival of Angels ┬ęCarl Milner MilnersBlog 62

This weekend me and the lovely Wife visited a truly English Christmas Festival which had transformed the City of YorkÔÇÖs unique streets into a wintery wonderland of Ice Sculptures, Festive Stalls, Ice Bars, Street Food and some really cool Street Entertainers. What was even more magical theyÔÇÖd guaranteed a sprinkling of snow, even though fake.. it really added to whole experience.

Although I could write a lot more about the Festival of Angels, ┬áhopefully these 40+ images will tell the story of our day, even though I’ve left quite a few out…which will feature in my Next Post : Black Ice