Church Bell Moon

Church Bell Moon
Church Bell Moon [Click to Enlarge]
In the midst of a really busy night yesterday chaffering the Girls to their separate party destinations and also getting wifey and her sister home safely, I managed to grab a bit of ‘Me-Time’ with trusty the camera in a field within the middle of nowhere, namely St Mary’s Church near Saxton (Lonely Church). But this time it was at night and -2 degrees, the field leading to it had suffered from the floods recently so they had turned to these amazing Ice Ponds illuminated by the Moon. The night sky was also an added bonus with Jupiter so bright and Pleiades & Orion so vividly clear.

Church Moon Jupiter Pleiades
Church Moon Jupiter Pleiades  [Click to Enlarge]
Moon Ice Reflections
Moon Ice Reflections [Click to Enlarge]

17 thoughts on “Church Bell Moon”

  1. The opportunity that comes from the moon silhouetting the church tower is marvellous well taken here. I really, really like that shot. (The others are not half bad either!)

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