Festival of Angels

Festival of Angels ©Carl Milner MilnersBlog 62

This weekend me and the lovely Wife visited a truly English Christmas Festival which had transformed the City of York’s unique streets into a wintery wonderland of Ice Sculptures, Festive Stalls, Ice Bars, Street Food and some really cool Street Entertainers. What was even more magical they’d guaranteed a sprinkling of snow, even though fake.. it really added to whole experience.

Although I could write a lot more about the Festival of Angels,  hopefully these 40+ images will tell the story of our day, even though I’ve left quite a few out…which will feature in my Next Post : Black Ice

30 thoughts on “Festival of Angels”

  1. Lived in UK for nearly 20 years .. never been to York, don’t ask me why – but I was thinking about it.
    Very old city and this festival of Angles, wonderful and your photos – wonderful too. Thanks for taking me there.
    Still I think we Swedes have the biggest wonder of ice – our Icehotel. Have done a little post about it – there is a video I think you should take your time to watch – give it 47 min of your day.
    I have to blow my horn for my fantastic country so often I get a chance. Nobody else does.

    1. Hi Viveka…It’s just a 25 minute drive for me, a great place any time of the year.
      Your right about you Swedes and Ice, that was an amazing video, I watched it at lunch and just finished it of now… You keep blowing the trumpet for your great country. 🙂

      1. I saw it National Geographic channel when they sent it – and I was taken by the program – what a passion all those people have that make this work every year. You can only stay maximum stay 3 nights at the hotel because of the chill – but they also have a warm hotel.

        Didn’t know that you live in UK – I think I passed York on train with I took the train from Edinburgh to Brighton, where I live then. I really wish I had visit York. Those snow angels are amazing.

        I will never stop pushing Sweden on the rest of the world. Wait for the challenge “Blogging A-Z” starts in April, and then there will be a bit of Sweden every day. Did that this year.

        Thanks for taking the time with video. It’s an amazing story about a hotel that is rebuilt every year.

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