Ice Factory

What happens when you Defrost an ‘Entire Building’? …..this!!

Ice Factory by Gary Roberts © 2013All images by Gary Roberts ©2013

Ever wondered what happens when a company abandons a warehouse that used to house ten floors of cold storage? Maybe not… but since I’ve now got you thinking, check out these awesome pictures by Gary Roberts of the Fulton Market Cold Storage Company building in Chicago, they almost look like scenes from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude or even the Wampa’s Ice Cave in The Empire Strikes Back

Prepare to be amazed… I was!!

The thawing out process itself wasn’t anything too amazing, although when you watch it as a time-lapse (see the video below), it’s pretty damn amazing.
Ice Factory Video

I wasn’t quite safety concious when I took this shot in the Snow under a ‘Live’ Electricity Pylon… the things I do for my photographic passion 🙂 …please take the time to Vote… I came a ‘close’ second last time.
Thanks ‘in advance’ Carl 🙂


Carl Miler
took this picture
behind the studio where he works
probably not the safest of images to take, as he even did it in the snow as you may be able to see some the snow flakes

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GIF Vader

GIF Vader Animated GIF

Paolo Patakk is at again creating some more of his ‘Ultra Cool’ Digital GIF Animations, this time with one which is dear to my other passion other than photography …Star Wars! with a really cool digital Geometric GIF of Darth Vader.

All GIF’s ©Paolo Patakk 2013 (For more of his amazing work, see below) Continue reading GIF Vader

Wolf Moon

After not seeing the moon in hardly any of its glory for the whole of January amid these cold and deep snows of midwinter…”at last” I’m glad to say, that on its first Fullcast of 2013 she reveals her ‘Full’ glory over Leeds for me to capture… I hope those wolf packs are howling hungrily outside their Indian villages tonight, thus giving their name to this January full Moon. Although sometimes it was also referred to as the Old Moon, or the Moon After Yule, some also called it the Full Snow Moon, but most tribes applied that name to the next Moon….lets hope we see the Snow Moon in February, but until then, lets howl at this majestic Wolf Moon.The 1st Fullcast of 2013