Cloud Landscape

A Word A Week Photo Challenge Clouds 04 ©Carl Milner 2013
I’m late again to the party for submitting to the ‘A Word A Week Photo Challenge’ …but for good reason…as with this week’s theme being such a favourite photographic subject of mine ‘CLOUDS’ I didn’t just want to submit historical shots (which I have hundreds) …instead I decided to take some new and more immediate shots of clouds from when the challenge started. Worryingly the weather has been so dull and grey in Leeds, which you’ll see from my photo called Grey Landscape, I thought I might have submit old shots, but luckily we had one sunrise and a sunset yesterday that proved perfect for the theme….

I hope you like them.

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27 thoughts on “Cloud Landscape”

  1. Morning Fire. Very compelling image Carl. I seldom see clouds like this and I never have the opportunity to photograph them. Either I don’t have my camera with me (dumb), or I’m racing down a highway trying to get to the next place. Sometimes, this hurry up life of mine, seems to rob me of all that I enjoy. I going to put a stop to that. Just as soon as I get to the next place.

    1. Take one with you everywhere from now on Dan, its quite liberating knowing you’ve got a camera to capture nearly every moment you see outdoors…

      Great comment BTW Dan

  2. Beautiful and colorful images you submitted for this theme. They are wonderful! Thanks also for stopping by and liking my submission for the same challenge – your support is appreciated!

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