Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

International Space Station over the UK Leeds © Carl Milner 2013

So many natural things illuminate the night sky where I live, but for me my favourite is the second brightest one (which is man-made)… The International Space Station (ISS), It’s easy to see why considering its length and width is about the size of a football field and that it completes 15.7 orbits per day, travelling at a speed of 17,500 mph, 248  miles above the Earth in the Thermosphere.

International Space Station over Leeds © Carl Milner 2013

So you can see why for this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge: Illumination I’ve submitted two long exposure images I’ve taken of the ISS, the top one is composed of 7 stacked 25Sec frames at F/5.6 ISO 100 and the bottom one is 4 stacked frames at 30Sec at F/3.5 ISO 100