A Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland at Temple Newsam © Carl Milner

Yesterday I had another one of those ‘camera’ detours on my way to work, which I thank god we have Flex-Time, plus I also needed to work my lunch to get a deadline out, but it was all worth it…as it enabled me to capture what was a glorious golden sunrise over the grounds of Temple Newsam, which had some of the most amazing peachy hues on the trees.

43 thoughts on “A Winter Wonderland”

  1. Congratulation to a amazing collection of winter – winter that shows it’s beautiful and pleasant side … great photos again. My pick is the last one too. How you caught the sun behind the tree … fantastic. Tomorrow my cold winter will reach you.

      1. Carl, it’s a stunning photo .. so no wonder it has be come the most popular. Any snow in UK – means problem and big amount means disasters. Poor Wales.

      2. It’s just started again with a some light snow…it must have heard you 🙂

        We were warned well in advance, but the airports and schools still closed and roads badly affected… we’ll never learn

      3. In UK the schools close for the first snow flakes … and the airports should come over to Copenhagen’s Airport and see how they couple with snow – they rarely have to close down – it has to be pretty bad before they close. Same problem with London’s airports every year – don’t know how many times I been caught up in it.

        So true … UK will never learn .. about how to take on the snow.

  2. Damn! I live in the only place in Britain that didn’t get snow – we got rain instead. I was expecting you be along soon with your visual genius. Great pictures damn it! 🙂

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