Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge BeyondThis weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asked us if we had a photo which invites the viewer to look beyond? Are there hidden depths in the background?  Is there a reason why the viewer should look beyond? and if so, tell you!

The above image was taken last Monday on a lunchtime walk away from the studio, but! it’s what laid beyond this wintery inviting lane that was a sad sight to see, especially after the weekend of cold sleet and snow. What I found was this sad, wet, cold and lonely fellow (below) in the field, although I did took a few pictures, he was especially glad to see me, as his supply of hay had run out and the only bits left where on my side of the fence, so I duly fed him all I could find…which I think he was quite glad of.

Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge Beyond 01Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge Beyond 02

Just after I took a pic of these horses, the owner turned up in a 4×4 with a few bales of warm hay… a happy end of sorts.

Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge Beyond 03

48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond”

      1. The wonders of the Internet and the new Google translate are my secret.

        You’ve a wonderful blog and some marvellous recipes… which I’ll be trying..the El Puchero criollo sounds especially nice, luckily I’ve got some Chorizo left in the fridge.


  1. I absolutely find these photos breathtaking. I love horses (all my life); and I too was saddened to see these lovely horses hungry and possibly needing a human touch of kindness. Thank you for letting us know that their owner came with some hay. I was worried. Beautiful captures 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my reblog page?

    1. I was so glad they turned up as well, as I was thinking what else I could do.

      Thanks for the lovely comments as well Judy, and your more than welcome to reblog/link

      TYSM Carl 🙂

  2. ” Is there a reason why the viewer should look beyond?” As a stand alone pic, I’d say no. The invitation to move through the image is there but the view itself is so full of beauty and promise, I wouldn’t want to spoil it by moving an inch. As a group of photos, it tells a wonderful story of equine resiliance and companionship. Just lovely.

  3. The shot of the lane reminds me of one close to home, the light is beautiful. I was sad to see the shot of the horse as I used to own horses myself, you could see the sadness in its eyes….although he did at least have a rug on!

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