Plumpton Rocks

Plumpton Rocks near Knaresborough 04 ©Carl Milner 2013

On what was a beautiful crystal clear winters morning, it was so sad to stop and see a place that was once graced by great brush of William Turner is now nothing more than a weekend roadside stopover for visiting people to Harrogate or Knaresborough. Even on this weekday morning when I pulled over, the place was closed with nowhere to park, but I was undeterred and with a willingness to see what laid beyond the ‘KEEP OUT ..”CLOSED” gate, I armed myself with the ‘trusty’ camera I ventured/vaulted over the gate.

What awaited me was nothing short of magical, I could see why Edward Lascelles, 1st Earl of Harewood commissioned Turner to produced his two serene landscape paintings of the place, the lake was a Titanic’esque‘ mill pond and the rocks had an amazing winter colour with some crazy shades of mutant lichen on them.

Plumpton Rocks by J.M.W.Turner 1798
Plumpton Rocks by J.M.W.Turner 1798

I managed to take only a brief amounts of photographs, but in my opinion this place is such a hidden gem on the door step of our County of Yorkshire and deserves more than just a fleeting ‘urban’ visit from a passerby like me and my camera….

Cloud Landscape

A Word A Week Photo Challenge Clouds 04 ©Carl Milner 2013
I’m late again to the party for submitting to the ‘A Word A Week Photo Challenge’ …but for good reason…as with this week’s theme being such a favourite photographic subject of mine ‘CLOUDS’ I didn’t just want to submit historical shots (which I have hundreds) …instead I decided to take some new and more immediate shots of clouds from when the challenge started. Worryingly the weather has been so dull and grey in Leeds, which you’ll see from my photo called Grey Landscape, I thought I might have submit old shots, but luckily we had one sunrise and a sunset yesterday that proved perfect for the theme….

I hope you like them.

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Technicolour Star Trails

Startrail Photography by © Lincoln Harrison 1
All images © Lincoln Harrison 2012

Like many photographers I love to experiment with long exposure photography techniques, but an Australian Photographer called Lincoln Harrison gives a whole new definition to the word “long”. With no buildings for miles near Lake Eppalock in Victoria, the sky are so clear and it’s amazing to see how he’s able to capture the beauty of the night’s sky on camera. This mesmerizing ‘Technicolour’ long exposure star trail photography can take him up to 15 hours to shoot.

Amazingly enough, 37-year-old Lincoln only bought his first decent camera a couple of years ago, which is simply magical to see how his photography hobby has taken off in  such a short space of time.