Type in the Dark

You know how I love ‘GIF’s’ on MilnersBlog….the Graphics Interchange Format that was originally introduced by CompuServe in 1987, but it’s now truly inspiring how these ‘simple’ GIF Animations are now expanding to really become a new and true art-form, none more so than this typographical one by MountStara Motion Graphic Designer and 3D Illustrator from Fukuoka in Japan who is seriously ‘raising-the-bar’ in the field of Digital GIF animations, especially with his latest project Hidden Typography

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Entered my lovely dog ‘Jackie’ into the 6th RPC Challenge…She’s sat waiting for the ‘ONLY’ person she hates…The Postman, and when he arrives she goes berserk… I’d love it you’d take the time to Vote for her.

Carl 🙂


is the name of
Carl Milner‘s
Jack Russell

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