Type in the Dark

You know how I love ‘GIF’s’ on MilnersBlog….the Graphics Interchange Format that was originally introduced by CompuServe in 1987, but it’s now truly inspiring how these ‘simple’ GIF Animations are now expanding to really become a new and true art-form, none more so than this typographical one by MountStara Motion Graphic Designer and 3D Illustrator from Fukuoka in Japan who is seriously ‘raising-the-bar’ in the field of Digital GIF animations, especially with his latest project Hidden Typography

Digital Wind GIF

TYpe in the Dark Lightning

Type in the Dark Beam

Type in the Dark Water

This hyper creative dude is using some serious industry ‘heavy weight‘ software in the form of Autodesk’s Softimage package for his animation and rendering…like I said at the beginning he really is Raising the Bar

25 thoughts on “Type in the Dark”

  1. hi carl, I dislike to comment as cool , great and nice I like the wind the most . So easy and amused to look at without getting bored ; One comment, why did you put the letters WIND on it . No need to tell that that?. You might consider to leave that to the audience. Wondering what it would be without the letters.

  2. That is truly serious stuff … amazing – I looked at it for 20 min now – never seen anything like it. I’m smitten by it. I know, I’m a bit silly – but who cares. Wind and Water .. my favorites.

      1. I watched them for a good while yesterday on the website – amazing art. Thank you so much – have bookmarked the website.

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