A Word A Week Challenge – Garden

The ‘A Word A Week Photo Challenge‘ this week is Garden, a theme which takes me back to my Dad’s gardens as I grew up, something which he was always passionate about, constantly tending to his raised beds on a daily basis, I too seem to have inherited this fondness for green finger gardening, none more so than in my current house, which I wanted to buy after seeing its garden for the first time ‘before’ I’d even entered the house.

Dad’s current garden (pictured above) is quite a special one, as it was this year that he won the Gold Medal for the Leeds in Bloom ‘Private Summer Garden’ Category, he also picked up Gold in the ‘Disability’ category as well. Not long after this picture was taken he dug up and removed most of the plants to prepare for his Spring 2013 Garden, which he’s now currently hard at work on…

Fingers crossed it can be another Gold winning year for him.

26 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge – Garden”

  1. Frist of all congratulation to the RPC win. Your photo was the BEST, but I will never admit that.
    This photo of your dad’s garden is wonderful. Love his cottage – fantastic. May I ask how old your dad is??? Because he must be very fit to keeps this little treasure going. I understand that he have got medal – it’s what I always said .. big wonders comes in small package. I hold my fingers cross too.

    1. Thanks, it was a bit tainted though with all the ‘oohaar’ about winning it twice, but I’m not going to say anything on the subject for now.

      Anyway…back to my Dad, he’s 67 and fit as a Butcher’s Dog considering the knee replacement and the trouble he has with the other one, but he’s not going to let a little matter like that get in his way of his gardening, his spring garden is coming along nicely as well… fingers crossed as well 🙂

      BTW..The cottage looks just a good on the inside as well

      Carl 🙂

      1. I won twice too …. I don’t know what caused this … uproar. I suppose it has to do with how many followers we have to some degree – I don’t have that many daily … but still I manage to get quite a few “LIKES” – same I don’t think lions is animals in our lives … but it’s only a friend contest. Anyhow I should have won.

        So glad to hear that your dad’s is doing so great – but he is only two years older than me, no age … really.
        I think his garden and cottage is absolutely adorable. I’m not a garden person, but I truly admire beautiful gardens.
        The spring starts so early over with you – that is what I miss most about UK – because the fall doesn’t come any earlier than over here. We’re about 2 months away from snowdrops and daffodils.

        Please keep me posted with photos from his garden.

      2. I agree about the lion, totally not an Animal in your Life, and should have been moderated, but I also noticed apart from the Lion shot, we and many others interacted in ‘comments’ about our submitted pictures, something which generates such a human side of the interaction, and intern the ‘likes’ …I have just over 400 followers, but I always try to engage in conversation with them all in some way at some point from a like to an admiring comment about their photography…(see you’ve got me going now) …back to Dad (ranting over)

        You won’t believe this but we’ve a flowering blossom tree not far from home, also the green stems of the daffodils and snow drops are already breaking the soil, it won’t be long before his garden is ablaze with colour… Which you can count on me photographing and blogging about


  2. Beautiful! My dad loved a garden too. In the last year of his life he would look out at the yard wistfully. I knew he wanted to be out there toiling but the cancer had zapped his strength.

    1. He struggles with his knee’s, ones already replaced and the other is just about done in, but he cant keep away from it and I think he’d be the same as your dad was if couldn’t get out there.

  3. Ahh I LOVE tidy gardens! This one is perfect, and I love the green doors. Every morning would be a good morning coming out the door and looking at that view. Thanks for sharing!

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