Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


Carl & Paula WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Kiss
The ‘KISS’ theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was one not to miss, but this old photo-booth shot from me and ❤Wifey’s ‘courting’ days is more of a full-on Snog than a Kiss…what can I say we were a passionate couple back then.

…still are 🙂

If you want to see a really amazing site dedicated to photo-booth photography, check out Katherine Anne Griffiths blog http://photoboothjournal.wordpress.com/ …It’s amazing

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss”

  1. Thanks heaps for the plug Carl! I had already decided to reblog this before I saw I was mentioned. Weren’t you a couple of cuties! A snog photo like this (albeit from the early 60s) went for over $100 on ebay a few months ago, so you have a valuable artifact there as well as a stunning keepsake!

    1. Thanks Ron… I dont often share personal momentous, but this was a perfect one to share…. watch out for our anniversary photo-booth photos coming later this year 🙂

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