Star Wars High School

This is quite a major alert in the GeekDom World…What if Star Wars, the best story ever! Actually happened in a 1980′s High School? Well the über creative Denis Medry (creator of the Batman Rockabilly Universe series) has done just that in these wonderful illustrations of the high school adventures of Luke, Han, Leia, Chewy, Vader, and the rest of the crew.

You can almost visualise the movie in the style of Grease or even Back to the Future with Robert Zemeckis behind the lens instructing a young Luke Skywalker played by Michael J. Fox to ‘Use the Force Luke’.

This  Medry guy has some serious talent, which I’d pay good money to buy his Graphic Novel of The Star Wars 80’s High School  or The Rockabilly Batman Universe… here’s hoping some publisher will give him an advance to realise his vision.

My 360 Degree Neighbourhood

Interactive 360° Virtual Panorama of East Leeds

Interactive 360 Degree Panorama of East Leeds 2013Click on the image, which will open up a new window for you to explore My Neighbourhood

Great theme this week for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge ‘MY Neighbourhood’ … but I thought, why show just a few shots of My Neighbourhood, but instead show you the ENTIRE surroundings where I live in the form of a Interactive Virtual Panorama. The shot was taken on top of a Clock Tower in East Leeds which is part of my Clock Tower Trilogy (part 2 coming soon) I’ll tell you more about my experience taking this image then, and how I put it all together…but for now, enjoy My Neighbourhood.

Science and Typography

What a wonderful series of typographical ‘minimalist’ posters in aid of Science Day in India that Kapil Bhagat has created to commemorate famous Astronomers and Scientist, such a simple but very effective creative idea and execution.

All images © Kapil Bhagat 2013

Spring – Lost in the Detail

Spring Lost in the Detail © Carl Milner Photography 2013

Lost in the Detail, this was the fabulous theme laid down for this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge, but it was one I didn’t want to just use existing photos I’d taken, but instead actual go on a ‘hear & now’ shoot with the camera, trying to capture things lost in the detail on what was a lovely warm (9 Degrees) Spring like Saturday, both in my garden and walking around the grounds of Temple Newsam with ❤Wifey and the dog.

One of my favourite shots is the last one in my Gallery, were I unknowingly captured a bee collecting nectar from one of Springs first flowering crocus…. Something that could quite easily have gotten Lost in the Detail.