Spring – Lost in the Detail

Spring Lost in the Detail © Carl Milner Photography 2013

Lost in the Detail, this was the fabulous theme laid down for this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge, but it was one I didn’t want to just use existing photos I’d taken, but instead actual go on a ‘hear & now’ shoot with the camera, trying to capture things lost in the detail on what was a lovely warm (9 Degrees) Spring like Saturday, both in my garden and walking around the grounds of Temple Newsam with ❤Wifey and the dog.

One of my favourite shots is the last one in my Gallery, were I unknowingly captured a bee collecting nectar from one of Springs first flowering crocus…. Something that could quite easily have gotten Lost in the Detail.

33 thoughts on “Spring – Lost in the Detail”

  1. Those are beautiful pictures. I`m a newbie in photography. How did u make that kind of colouring, colourful in the focus but grey at background?

  2. I must admit that I’m not usually fan of the colour/B&W layering technique, but it works beautifully in these shots and really emphasises the delicate colours. I think it’s the London black and white shot with the red bus that doesn’t do it for me!

  3. These are extraordinary Carl. I really enjoy the layering technique, I see it as sort of a collaboration between the eye of the photographer and the lens of the camera. The ‘Fighting The Way’ image is gorgeous, as is the ‘Busy Little Bee’.

    1. Thanks Alex, (fighting the way) is my favourite as well, but the bee shot was a true lost in the detail capture…glad I looked at the shot in detail to find it

  4. Gorgeous colour! They call the top flower snowdrops here – not that we’ll be seeing any soon as we currently have more snow than ‘drops’… thanks for the breath of spring air!

      1. I wonder if they are cousins to Lily of the Valley as they have a similar shape and short growing season… transplanted some of those from a neighbour who was digging them up and going to put them in the bin – guess I’ll have to wait for spring to see!

      2. Lily of the Valley do look very similar, but I think there more of a Bluebell relation…great to see you benefited from your neighbours plants… my neighbour and I have quite an open lower garden, so we both benefit from cross plant fertilisation…which I don’t mind

  5. Carl, this is brilliant and I love the title. It is perfect! The colours are superb 🙂

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