Blizzard in the Park

Blizzard in the Park ©Carl Milner Photography 2013  No 01

It seems the onset of spring is slightly on hold and humdudgeon is now set in with the return of the winter weather or as the press are now calling it ‘A Siberian Spring’, but not to be disheartened, it provided me with another photo opportunity, this time to catch an early morning blizzard as it approached Temple Newsam on my way to work.

Is it me or does the shot above remind you of a scene from a CS Lewis novel like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, slightly expecting Mr Tumnus to come prancing around the corner…That would have been fun 🙂

25 thoughts on “Blizzard in the Park”

  1. Carl, great name … Siberian spring.
    There is more Siberian winter to come too … looking on the other side of the channel.
    We had a dreadful weekend, with storm-strong ice cold winds and snow again on Sunday.
    But we will get more. And the snowdrops are not feeling very well outside mum’s door.
    Was laying on the ground with snow. Snow was gone today. Fantastic gallery again – my pick has to be “Dark Clouds” without the l.
    I would had hurried inside that cozy cafe.

    1. I thinks its just arrived this morning, we was ‘white over’ in Leeds this morning.

      Hope those snow drops survive.

      The cafe is a great retreat…and very popular

  2. Very Narnia indeed! Starting to recognize your posts (and style) before I scroll down to the name and must say that gives a little thrill of anticipation about just what you’ve got up!

  3. Carl, I admire the drama of the cloudscapes especially the fight for supremacy between the sun and the snow clouds. I am sure you will appreciate the new life spring brings after this chilly, snowy set back.

    The weather here in Victoria has also been out of character. Normally March heralds cooler nights and days in the low to mid 20s. This year Melbourne had a record breaking 9 consecutive days of over 30 degrees celsius at the beginning of March. At present, the weather is back on track for autumn.

    1. Hi Margaret, although I’d love a bit of warm weather, 9 days in the 90’s sounds a bit to much for me.

      We did have a mini heat-wave this time last year, but alas today has returned with more snow.

      Thanks again

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