Ice Tree

Now you’d think from these images that we’ve had an Ice Storm like the incredible spectacle that took place in Versoix, Switzerland in 2005 by the spray coming off Léman Lake, but alas it’s a little bit simpler than that. This is in fact rural Pudsey near Fulneck School in the middle of farmer’s field down Scholebrook Lane.

The ice is in fact caused by a hose next to a horse’s trough that has a leak, and is forcing out a fine spray of water high into the air and over the tree which is then freezing.

The tree was spotted by fellow blogger Ian Street from Into the Orchard while on one of his legendary bike tours, Ian had pre warned me that the access to this tree wasn’t easy, which included a barbed wire fence and an extremely muddy field, so I was glad I took his advice and put my Wellington Boots on…Technically I should have asked the farmer’s permission, but the ‘unchained’ dog in his yard put me off.

37 thoughts on “Ice Tree”

  1. Carl, amazing photo gallery – but strange to see that everything around the tree .. is green, there stand this ice tree … fantastic. Nature can be fears … fantastic post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing photos, Carl. This photo shoot was worth braving life and limb for, but I quite understand that you didn’t want to upset the farmer’s dog .:)

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