The Art of Ken Taylor

I’ve featured Ken Taylor previously on my blog when he did a great Halloween poster, but his latest collection of movie related posters that’s just been launched on is truly amazeballs. The way in which he captures the evil in Hannibal Lectors eyes sends a shiver down my spine, I think also the vengeful determination he shows in Rambo’s stare is equally as good…man I love this guy’s work…can you tell 🙂

…check out the rest

Some cool close up detail shots as well by photographer Billy Garrett.

Ken’s Bio from his Website

‘Melbourne based Illustrator & Designer Ken Taylor works primarily within the music industry and is predominantly well-known for his striking rock posters. Ken started in Perth Western Australia doing posters and album artwork for local bands. In 2001 He moved to Melbourne and slowly started to create a name for himself within Melbourne’s music scene. In 2006 he went out on his own and started to work full-time on music based artwork.

Ken has designed posters and album artwork for many Australian bands including You Am I & The Beasts of Bourbon & Crowded House. Internationally he has designed artwork for bands such Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Kings of Leon, Bob Dylan & The Rolling Stones. Ken has won the Desktop Create Award for Best illustration in both 2007 & 2009 and was a Guest Speaker at the 2009 AGIDEAS design conference and the 2011 Semi – Permanent Creative Conference in both Melbourne and Perth. Ken continues to work with bands both locally and internationally and is represented by Drawing Book’

4 thoughts on “The Art of Ken Taylor”

  1. Wow … some bold and powerful work, never heard of before, so I learned something new today too. – and from you! The red Silence of the Lamb, is my favorite. Extremely powerful. Thanks for sharing, will visit website now.

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