Earth Month

With NASA’s space fleet of Earth-observing satellites constantly circle our globe, they’ve put together a rather gorgeous video documenting what our planet looked like throughout 2012, this includes some stunning true colour satellite imagery, Earth science data visualizations, time lapses from the International Space Station, and computer models, plus loads more from their bevy of different tech and instruments NASA has at its disposal in our orbit.

The video is part Earth Month 2013, which coincides with Earth Day on April 22nd of this year, you can always mosey on over to NASA’s Earth Month website for lots more video’s and information, sadly the video isn’t narrated, this would have been such a gem for the late great Carl Sagan to voice over…but still, it has some quite hypnotic beats.

18 thoughts on “Earth Month”

  1. Oh dear Carl, this is so beautiful… I wished to travel around the Earth and watch from the space… It is something so great to watch from the space… you can understand much more what a great story of our Earth and also universe, etc. The colours are amazing… Can you imagine I am one of spacecraft and just travelling around the Earth and taking pictures every moment of this voyage… Thank you for sharing this, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    1. Now that would be a dream come true for me, do you have £50 million to spare? that’s the fee the Russians charge you for been a space tourist with a seat on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft going to the International Space Station… *he daydreams even more* 🙂 🙂

      1. This would be so beautiful, so exciting, so unbelievable voyage if I have £50 million 🙂 Even to imagine makes me so excited too… My heart probably would stop… The Earth seems so beautiful, so great… reminds me philosophical thoughts too, like this one, sometimes you should know to look at yourself from the outside of yourself… (something like that) so it seems to me to watch and to look at our mother land from the space could bring so precious meanings to us…. Thank you dear Carl, have a nice day, love, nia

  2. Great post Carl, absolutely stunning images! Let’s hope that we continue to get videos such as these despite NASA’s recent orders to suspend all education and public outreach programs as a result of the sequestration.

    1. I read about that, looks like NasaSocial will get hit the hardest, such a shame as the ‘NASA Tweetups’ they had were great to follow. Plus the future education/knowledge benefits far out way the costs…lets hope that part doesn’t suffer as the ‘social media’ side can be done on a shoestring if managed correctly… Fingers crossed

  3. That was wonderful and intriguing- a voice over would have explained more but I loved it ! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Now one of our TV channels gone Star War mad … they are sending all the movie on one day, plus there is now a TV show with Star War geeks are competing in some way … I’m sure you would have own that one. Regarding the moon, I want us to leave it alone …. because it’s beautiful as it is … don’t let us mess up that planet too. By the way we need the money to be spent on earth for the hungry, the sick, homeless .. I rather travel the world then look at from a distance. I’m admitting that the video is stunning.

    1. My lovely Viveka, You know me as a simple man in a simple world, but first you must embrace the ‘Star Wars’ 🙂 lol 🙂 purely for me and enjoy the popcorn movies for what they are:) as for the ‘us’ the planet, the moon I’m totally and ‘truly’ on your side for funding in the right place, if I had the £50Million to go photograph the earth from space, although ‘honestly’ I’d love to do that, I’d rather give it all to beating and researching the dreaded ‘C’ word after seeing the suffering it’s done my wife’s mum and sisters, as I’m ‘so’ worried that it will manifest itself in my wife or lovely girlies … Love C

      1. Carl, you’re such a sweetheart … I didn’t mean you should give up your journey around the Earth. I meant that all countries that throw billions … on the space, when those money is so well needed in their own countries.
        Regarding Star Wars …. we don’t click at all… maybe I will watch one of them for your sake .. at least a couple of minutes. *smile

  5. Our mother Earth is so beautiful; so generous…
    ¿Seremos en verdad nosotros sus hijos?
    Why do we contaminate and destroy our own family and Home?
    Mil gracias por el video.

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