Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

I thought why submit a few ‘Colour’ Themed images for this weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, but instead over 1000, so I downloaded my full Instagram library of 1020 images (to be exact) to create a colourful Rainbow Mosaic using them all.

…I hope you like it.

Click to enlarge, as the image is nearly 5000 Pixels high and contains 1500 squares (some images used twice)

59 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour”

      1. 70 x 2.5cm = 175 cm high – my walls wouldn’t make it justice. But I think you’re right about the measures – it need a high ceiling. I really like it .. and I like the idea ..

      2. Okay … 70×50 – that will do my bedroom perfectly.
        I don’t think I want a frame – can it be transferred to canvas ???? Or will it lose it’s effect ???

      3. Canvas would look great, pity we don’t live closer, I’ve got a machine at work that can do just that and I’d print it and drop it off tomorrow… Especially if you’d have some of the nice cheese left as a reward 🙂

      4. Now we are talking … and even if I didn’t have the cheeses – I would have got some .. that’s for sure.
        Have to think about this … maybe I can take it as hand-luggage or send it through as fragile, but still you need to get it to Scotland for me. Carl, found out how much it will cost to get it over to Sweden … because it’s not that heavy or course the packing will add on.

  1. I like to join with ’76sanfermo’ (above) and applaud wholeheartedly this genius called Carl Milner and how incredible this would indeed look on a big white wall. Thank you, Carl, for this beautiful treat. Carina

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