The Dambuster

Took this shot at Derwent Reservoir in the Peak District of The Dambusters 70th Anniversary Flyby over the Dam.

The photograph made Fluidr’s top 50 images on Flickr today…coming in at No:48 🙂

Feathering the Nest

I’ve always wanted to photograph an European Red Robin up close, but they are a very timid bird to capture, but lady luck shone on me yesterday when Mr & Mrs Robin decided to feather their spring nest right outside my office window in a cap between the security shutters. Not one to miss a perfect photo opportunity I set the camera on a tripod with a cable release attached on my desk, set the display on the camera to preview and merrily got on with my daily work, occasionally looking at the display to see what was happening and clicking away at the cable release as they busily flocked back and forth with leaves and twigs to build their home for the coming arrivals…

I’ve got to say it was the most welcome distraction I’ve had at work, and one which I’ll be watching closely over the coming weeks.

Periodic Table of Star Wars

For the an Über Star Wars fan like me, this new periodic table of Star Wars characters which have created tickles my inner geek on so many levels. The best thing of all is that they’ve only characters from the original trilogy episodes: IV, V, and VI for their Elements Table, much in the same way as they did the Elements of Attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

The Elements of Star Wars is available as a poster over at Etckt or as T-Shirts and various other formats at Society9

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