Man of Steel

You already know my love of Ken Taylor’s amazing Mondo work, which I’ve covered already on my blog, but he’s touched my heart string so much with his latest work he’s created for the Man of Steel, its such a stunning, beautiful and innocent vision of the young Clark Kent pretending to be a superhero at a tender age, something all of us ‘Geek Boys’ did at that time, but it’s how he’s captured Clark’s innocence before he has to realise the powers, and the foreboding responsibility he needs to become this man..this ‘Superman’ that needs protect his inherited home world…

…Blimey I didn’t realise how much I was looking forward to this film until now.. Can’t wait the share my thoughts after I’ve seen it…

3 thoughts on “Man of Steel”

    1. Hello stranger, the last month has seen me work everyday, and I’m only just getting back to updating my blog, and you was the first person on my mind on the day I came back to it. I hope your well after what your recent upset and looking forward to your travels.


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