Have you ever felt Scared taking a photograph?

I did taking this shot walking along the Southbank in London whilst taking some night photography, I was trying to stick to the embankment, but I had to make a detour to get to my destination, which was Tower Bridge. I stumbled on this dark and ominous street with a faint light at the end and took this Eerie shot, it felt very cold and spooky in the street at 2.00am. It wasn’t until I got back to Leeds that I realised where I was at the time, it was in fact Clink Street, home of England’s oldest and ‘Most’ notorious medieval prison…The Clink!! …I think it makes the photo feel even more eerie now.

The Star Wars NFL

As the NFL season finally comes to a close for this season with the Seattle Seahawks completely thumping the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.  Now thoughts of what the NFL season might bring in 2014-2015, so what if we had a Star Wars League? …Well! Artist John Raya from Mexico has already embarked on a ‘Star Wars’ fan art project for just this, he’s imagined how the helmets from of all the 32 AFL and NFL teams will look like.

I’ve always loved American Football, even from an early age when you saw the iconic LA Rams helmet in the movie Poltergeist in little Robbie’s bedroom. So to mix them both with my other ‘geek love’ Star Wars is a dream come true…in a galaxy far, far away.

The Star Wars American North, East, South & West Teams

The Star Wars National North, East, South & West Teams

Which is your favourite? mine is the Coruscant Vaders

Check out John Raya’s other work on Behance, especially his Atroce Studio Typography