Shard of Light

I took this shot of The Shard in London not long after I’d taken ERRIE, although it’s quite a vivid shot, the bit that I like most is that the Orion Nebula was right on its pinnacle.

24 thoughts on “Shard of Light”

  1. One more; WOoOooow! I haven’t been in London since this building has been finished. Looks a bit like the Freedom tower (new world trade). Fantastic how you have capture all the different colors in the windows. Very cool shot.

    1. I think its on the wrong side of the river to attract the modern tenants the financial district does on the opposite side… still its a great building, and hope More London next to it will help it fill those vacant spots

  2. Wow, I love this shot! And so completely different than Errie! Also, thanks for pointing out Orion else I would have completely missed it. You’re right, it’s the icing on the cake!

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