The Gorge at Roundhay

I’ve done other posts on the beauty of my local Roundhay Park and it’s walks, but I never thought I’d go there and find a hidden gem of a walk I’ve never ventured before. Most visitors tend to stick to the lakes and walk around it feeding the many swans, ducks and geese, or relax in the tranquil and wonderful lakeside cafe with a tea and scone…which is a gem in itself. But we seldom ever venture deeper into the woods, but recently Wifey and I did just that with the dog, into area called The Gorge. This area is somewhat hidden behind the Castle Keep to the north of Waterloo Lake, but it does offer one the most beautiful loop walks at Roundhay with the Great Head’s Beck running through it with countless wooden footbridges crisscrossing it as you venture through the Gorge. It eventually leads you to the most quaint Yorkshire stone bridge at its pinnacle.

Dogs Mouth Spring.

For me…the gem of this walk was its hidden Dogs Mouth ‘natural’ Spring …the water tasted like no water I’ve ever tasted before, sharp, clean and so fresh with its lovely icy tinge… Cleansing for the liver I’m sure.