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Star Wars Stamps

Mail the Force be with You

Royal Mail is to issue a stunning set of 18 special stamps next month to celebrate Star Wars and the upcoming release of the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, these character stamps have been illustrated by British artist Malcolm Tween.  The Royal Mail said the stamps celebrate the British expertise behind the Star Wars films. Director of stamps and collectibles at Royal Mail, Andrew Hammond said: “We are excited to mark Britain’s contribution to the making of the Star Wars movies.”

Although these glorious new colourful Royal Mail stamps probably won’t get your post to a galaxy far, far away when they invade your local post office, they will indeed make a welcome souvenir to any Star Wars fan

Each stamp will feature a secondary character or scene created by Tween especially for the stamps.

Royal Mail's Star Wars The Force Awakens Stamp Collection - Star Wars Logo

I especially like the style of the ‘1st‘ value on each of the stamps which replicates the iconic font used for the films main logo

…what a lovely touch

Six further stamps explore the iconic vehicles and spaceships from the film series such as the Millennium Falcon plus X-wing and TIE fighter from the classic original trilogy and The Force Awakens

May the Parcel Force be with You

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