Star Wars Film Posters Without Words

You’ve got to admire the work Reddit user joinyouinthesun has done in taking the classic Star Wars movie posters and Prequels and then removed all the text from all of them, he’s even posted the high resolution versions of them online via his imgur account.

There is some stunningly crazy imagery in these film posters which sadly highlights the downfall of creativity on film poster output from the current studios, I just hope this level of artistry once again returns.

…He’s even done the prequels

Some of my other favourites have even had the text and branding removed, which could provide numerous Photoshop opportunities for those who are interested in messing around with adding some new text…which could be quite fun.

He didn’t stop with these, check out the rest of the 80 Classic Movie posters Redit user joinyouinthesun has removed all the text from in the gallery below.