The IMAX Posters

Although I really admire the “Official” Star Wars: The Force Awakens film poster, even though I wish Drew Struzan or Paul Shipper had crafted some original penmanship for it. Thankfully IMAX have released their official poster with a beautiful ‘less is more’ approach featuring Rey and BB-8 against a massive setting Jakku sun. It’s such a beautiful simple and iconic image that evokes the scale in which the Force Awakens IMAX experience will be for us, and I’m so looking forward to seeing it in IMAX 3D on the opening night at 1 minute past midnight on the opening night.

They are also releasing a set of 4 IMAX Film Art Posters, and the first one beautifully returns to the old artwork days of film posters past, with this glorious flowing, almost ‘wood-cut’ style poster by Dan Mumford, again featuring Rey, BB-8 and her speeder set against the massive junkyard of ships from the great Battle of Jakku.


The second Dan Mumford Star wars: The Force Awakens posters has just been released featuring Poe Dameron the T-70 X-Wing Black Squadron.

The third Dan Mumford Star Wars: The Force Awakens posters has just been landed featuring Captain Phasma standing aside the burning remains of Maz Kanata’s castle after the Battle of Takodana

The fourth and final artwork from  Dan Mumford’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ‘IMAX Exclusive’ poster series is of Finn as he prepares to do battle with Kylo Ren in the snowy forest on the Starkiller Base Planet. This poster is bathed in beautiful deep blues to match Finn’s weapon and the glints of Kylo’s red sabre against the fallen tree stump is a beautiful touch.

Dan’s also done another Star Wars poster for the Art Awakens Exhibition called ‘I am a Jedi, Like my father before me”

The Art Awakens Collection

The Force is strong with these artists.

What’s not to love about Art and Star Wars, so when one of the most anticipated pop culture art shows of all-time at the Gallery1988 in Los Angeles, featuring some of the top professional and emerging artists, I couldn’t miss featuring it on MilnersBlog. The exhibit was auctioned off in the name of Star Wars: Force for Change to benefit UNICEF Kid Power.

The opening night at Gallery1988 was visited by none other than Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams and Screenwriter Lawrence Kasden to see first hand the Star Wars: The Art Awakens officially licensed showcase of work inspired by a galaxy far, far away. In addition to many of the talented artists behind the various Star Wars art pieces you can see below…more than 80 in all ( I hope I’ve got them all) you can also see the five winners of the Art Awakens Fan Art Competition.

The Art Awakens Complete Collection

1983 by Lorraine Loots, her tiny drawings are so exquisite, it’s almost impossible to imagine how they’re created.

Taking a Sick Day by Kiersten Essenpreis …Most impressive

The Old Master ‘YODA‘ Painting by Naoto Hattori

Here is the glorious New Order by Bennett Slater

Now check out this insanely detailed screen print ‘The Battle of Yavin‘ on black foil by Anthony Petrie

My favourite Hope by Nate Frizzell

Hoth Hotel by Alex Pardee

Sandcrawler by Josh Keyes

Punch it Chewie by  Brandi Milne

The Force Awakens T-70 X-Wing by Matt Taylor

Rescue by Mark Englert

The Jedi Path by Andrew DeGraff who put in over 600 hours of work,  and I think he absolutely nailed it with this painting for Art Awakens. This map represents all locations and every Jedi Knight and Sith Lord’s path trajectory as well as every spaceship/vehicle they travel in all 6 Star Wars movies.

By Scott C

In addition, five winners of the Art Awakens Fan Art Competition, chosen by a judging committee that includes members from Disney, Lucasfilm and the legendary visual effects house Industrial Light & Magic, also had their art included in the gallery exhibit and all got flown out to Los Angeles to attend a VIP opening reception, see their winning work below.

All the original pieces will be up for auction on eBay with proceeds to benefit UNICEF Kid Power, an innovative new program that uses the world’s first Wearable-For-Good to get youth physically active to provide lifesaving, nutrition-rich food packets to kids in need around the world in the name of Star Wars: Force for Change.

Showcased artists included:

100% Soft
Aaron Jasinski
Alex Pardee
Andrew Degraff
Andrew Thompson
Andy Stattmiller
Anthony Petrie
Ashton Gallagher
Benjie Escobar
Bennett Slater
Brad Hill
Brandi Milne
Bruce White
Chris B. Murray
Clark Orr
Dan McCarthy
Dan Mumford
Danielle Murray
Dave Perillo
Dave Quiggle
Eric Tan
JC Richard
Jeff Boyes
Joey Remmers
Joey Spiotto
Josh Keyes
Joshua Budich
Julian Callos
Justin Santora
Kelly McKernan
Ken Garduno
Kiersten Essenpreis
Kris Lewis
Kristin Tercek
Leontine Greenberg
Lola Gil
Lorraine Loots
Louis Perez
Marie Bergeron
Mark Englert
Matt Taylor
Meghan Stratman
Mike Shinoda
N.C. Winters
Nan Lawson
Naoto Hattori
Nate Frizzell
Nathan Stapley
Nicole Gustafsson
Rich Kelly
Rob Prior
Robert Bowen
Roland Tamayo
Ruel Pascual
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Sarah Joncas
Scott C
Scott Listfield
Shannon Bonatakis
Stephen Andrade
Tom Whalen
Travis Louie
Veronica Fish











The Art of Noriyoshi Ohrai

Who!! you may not ask is Noriyoshi Ohrai? you may not know his name, but I’m certain you’ll know his work, especially if you are a fan of Star Wars like me. He indeed created what is to me, the most gorgeous Star Wars movie poster ever for The Empire Strikes Back.

Sadly the genius left us recently on October 27th at the age of 79, but his work definitely belongs in the stars in a galaxy far far away.

As for is body of work, and I know this may sound a bit repetitive to say from some previous blogs, but it’s sad to see that movie studios no longer go out of their way to commission artwork like this for movie posters, opting for these formula style Photoshop posters that just slap lots of layers of cut-out stills put together with a set pieces from the movies. Artwork like Ohrai’s stands out because it’s art first and marketing second, and studios would do well to start bringing more artistic posters to the forefront of film posters.

Ohrai’s Star Wars artwork is not quite as well-known as Drew Struzan, but we Star Wars fans have seen plenty of these images before and likely even have some of them our walls.

While his work is well-known by plenty, Ohrai himself was a very private person, revealing very few details of his personal life. But he’ll be missed just the same. Ohrai was born in 1935, and while he went to the Oil Painting Course at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, he dropped out in 1957, opting to work as a newspaper advertising editor as well as planning layouts and artwork for book publishing., but it was after this collaboration with Lucas and that famous film poster that Ohrai said goodbye to his former life in advertising and embraced the career of a film poster designer. He worked a lot with Lucasfilm and delivered some real master pieces.

…R.I.P.  Noriyoshi Ohrai

Wild Animal Stormtrooper Helmets

New York-based artist Blank William has recently reinterpreted the Stormtrooper helmets as armor for three species of wild animals — a rhino, hippopotamus and elephant, so if you’ve ever wondered what kind of headgear a rhino might wear as a solider in the Galactic Empire? Wonder no more, as all have been 3D sculpted with the same aesthetic qualities as the fictional film soldiers, characterized by the same glossy surfaces, but gilded with some cool gold and silver details.

The New Order Collection has been realized in two versions, white and black and all features facial warps and distortions to mirror the classic style of the Stormtroopers distinctive plastoid body armor

I have only one question though, I wonder if the hippopotamus is a better shot? 🙂

Images courtesy of Blank William ©2015

The Helmet of Kylo Ren

“Nothing will stand in our way! I will finish what you started”

Now’s your chance to finish what Darth Vader started with this stunning new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren replica helmet which was revealed exclusively on

The detail is so amazing, from its cloth texture to the weathered scoring on the metallic finish, it was designed to be an ‘as’ authentic replica to the  original headgear seen in the trailer.  The team at ANOVOS’ who made this 1:1 scale replica Kylo Ren helmet had access to the actual one used in the film as well as digital files used in the production of Star Wars: The Force Awakens to ensure complete accuracy.

Ever since Kylo Ren was first revealed, he has sparked a chord with us Star Wars fans, he’s such a cool and visually interesting Star Wars villain, and his iconic and menacing helmet has much to do with that appeal.

This replica 1:1 scale helmet features:

  • Helmet texture carefully studied and replicated using unique painting technique
  • Metalized elements to capture the accurate finish and distinct weathered scoring of the original screen-used face mask
  • Precise mesh material used in visor, replicated and positioned based from screen-used artifact
  • Overall forms derived from digital files used in the production of STAR WARS™ EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS, as well as unprecedented access to the original prop for deep study
  • Sturdy fiberglass construction for both helmet and faceplate
  • Weathered deco to replicate screen-used costume
  • Adjustable head rig that will fit up to a size 8 hat size
  • Lined interior for finished appearance inside and out
  • Assembled helmet, ready to wear with no additional modifications needed

This premier line Star Wars Replica Accessory is available to order at ANOVOS so you can soon take your first step toward crushing the Resistance. 🙂

Also if you interested in setting your own First Order, the Stormtrooper helmet is also available…