Yoda the Jedi Master Sketch by Shane Molina

The Star Wars Art of Shane Molina

Shane Molina is a Vancouver based Concept Artist and Illustrator at Thinkingbox, in his spare time Shane re-creates the Star Wars Ships and Vehicle in a wonderful sketchy style using digital mediums, traditional, and airbrushing. His work evokes such a happy ‘Star Wars’ childhood memory of a gifted friend who would do some gorgeous concept style pen/pencil drawings of the films we had both seen, he recently started sketching again around the streets of Shoreditch in London, you can check out Phil’s work here 

The Imperials

As for Shane, who was born in Hilo, Hawaii, he was already surrounded by inspirational magic and beauty with the surrounding landscape, so it was no surprise Shane’s artistic talent took off at a young age like us. In his high school years Shane’s talent started to grow and improve as he learned to add in keen detail and a strong passion in his artwork. He began to capture the eyes of the people around him, and had drawn them closer to his talent by creating “eye-catching” pieces of artwork. In the year of 1998, Shane Molina wanted to create a small ART business, where he could share his art with the world. But like us and the busy lives we lead today, it is easy to get caught up in life and the fast lane of living, but is nice to see how art can calm the most busy minds. See below how Shane has does that.

The Rebels

Shane also has a great mantra in life
“Love your life, Do what you want”

4 thoughts on “The Star Wars Art of Shane Molina”

      1. a visual engineer. i haven’t been around most of the summer -not bogging much – and missing those that I follow. Then suddenly up you pop with not a photograph, but these drawings. Excellent!

      2. I’ve had a few long breaks as well Bill, but I need to do some more photographic posts, as I seem to be reliving my childhood at the moment with all the Star Wars stuff flying around 🙂

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