The Ultimate Guide to Rogue One

It’s nearly 40 years after the first Star Wars movie entranced us around the world, now comes Rogue One, the franchise’s first spinoff film, and to celebrate the arrival of this new chapter, Entertainment Weekly’s editors bring us a collector’s edition that takes you deep inside the universe of Rogue One. With new photos from the film, interviews with cast members and creators, and an introduction to new characters played by Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Forest Whitaker, Ben Mendelson and more.


The 96-page guide is packed with rarely seen photos of production, and includes a timeline to understand the history of the entire Star Wars saga. The Contents Page also give the first official confirmation that Jimmy Smits is back as Bail Organa, it reads like this:

    • A Childhood Dream, Realised
      Foreword by Gareth Edwards
    • All about Rogue One
    • Going Rogue
      Inside the first Star Wars spinoff film
    • ‘It feels Like You’re at Home Again, Like You’re a Child’ 
      Behind the scenes
    • A Long Time Ago…
      The Star Wars timeline
    • Rebels with a Cause
      Meet the characters and cast
    • Smile! It’s Star Wars
      Star Wars Celebration 2016
    • No Jedi? No Problem
      Why a movie without Skywalkers makes sense
    • Mighty Mon Mothma
      Interviews with Genevieve O’Reilly and Caroline Blakiston
    • She Speaks! Star Wars’ Tricky History with Women
    • The Bail is Back in Town
      An interview with Jimmy Smits
    • Dressed to Rebel
      The costumes of Rogue One
    • Beasts and Bots
      New creatures and droids
    • The Star Wars Universe
    • A Galaxy Far, Far Away…
      Cosmic cartography
    • Twisted & Evil
      Darth Vader, villain of villains
    • Supply and Demand: The Star Wars Story
    • Till Death Star Do Us Part
      Deep inside the orb of evil
    • The Empire’s Army
      Evolution of the Stormtrooper
    • The ABCs of Starships
      Know your U-wing from your X-wing
    • Can Rogue One Make Us Rethink the Prequels?
    • Star Wars by the Numbers





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