Rogue One Recon 360

Last week it was teased that the ILMxLab had created a brand new 360 virtual reality experience. Titled “Rogue One: Recon”, the experience puts you in the position of a rebel pilot in a confrontation with the Empire that ties into the film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

While Rogue One: Recon has been available to experience in some Verizon store locations over the past few days in the US, the mobile phone provider has now released it to the World on Facebook. The over a minute and a half long 360 video follows a squadron of rebel fighters as they make a galaxy changing discovery that will ultimately lead into Rogue One. Be sure to experience it below and set it to full screen…

Just launched on the Star Wars YouTube channel is the awesome full screen 3D 8K version…

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