‘NEW’ Rogue One Film Posters

There’s been no shortage of promotional art for Rogue One, with new posters and banners debuting recently. In addition, a few new TV spots and ‘that’ brilliant international trailer that was recently released.

First we got our first look at the official Rogue One IMAX one-sheet poster, which I have to say blows the other posters out of the galaxy.

I’ve got to say Rogue One is giving us some of the best Star Wars movie posters in the franchise in the last few days. The latest poster today is from Dolby Cinema, and it features a Rebel helmet and its insignia reflecting off of the clear waters of Scarif. It’s just a visually appealing poster, so head on down below to check out the Hi-Res version of Dolby Cinema’s new Rogue One poster

Then we got the Galactic Empire Vs the Rebel Alliance banners, both totally exquisite in their aqua cinematic tones.


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