IMAX AMC Rogue One Posters …Probably the “BEST” Star Wars Poster EVER!!

Movie-goers who attend an AMC Theatres’ IMAX showings of Rogue One in the US  will be rewarded handsomely for their choice of  theater with some of the best “Star Wars” posters EVER!!

Each poster features a white background with a unique cast ensemble design in the foreground. Check them out below.

The first poster is the coolest. Everyone and everything – the main heroes and villains, the AT-CT’s, the Death Star – is here. My favorite element is Darth Vader’s helmet acting as a sort of vessel for all the other components. I also like that the overall look is more painted than photorealistic, an effect which reminds me of Drew Struzan’s posters for the Star Wars saga films.

The next poster shows off the heroes of Rogue One with their leader, Jyn Erso, larger than life in the center. What is unique about this ensemble design is each of the characters is shown in a new position. Cassian Andor, for example, is in profile with his gaze directed straight ahead of him instead of out at the viewer, where he is usually looking. Baze Malgus is positioned in the same manner. Chirrut Imwe’s bowcaster is down, and he is looking straight at the viewer. Below, Bodhi Rook is half-crouching, while K-2SO stands almost casually nearby. Finally, Saw Gerrera has a prime spot among the rest of the heroes, looking somberly into the distance. The alien Pao is below Saw, his gaze directed to the left.

This last poster possesses a peculiar charm. It’s bright and white, which makes the characters look exposed. The effect makes the heroes look vulnerable, too; Jyn’s face, in particular, looks like it has a spotlight shining on it. The overall atmosphere of the poster is foggy, as if everyone is in a cloud. Whether the cloud is real or existential, is not clear. Perhaps it’s both.

Alternative IMAX AMC Rogue One Poster

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