Star Wars Celebration Pass and Badge Art Poster 2017 MilnersBlog Issue

The Star Wars Celebration 2017 Badges

The Star Wars Celebration Pass & Badge art has become its own Celebration highlight and tradition, and with good reason — each show has had unique illustrations, with different styles and approaches. Some years, there have been color themes with stylized takes on characters; other times, the focus has been on an animated series or specific movie. For Star Wars Celebration 2017 the tradition continued with Paul Shipper photorealistic sketches of characters from current Star Wars stories, with a hand-drawn feel. They complete set are revealed below.

Star Wars Celebration Pass and Badge Art Poster Complete 2017 MilnersBlog
Star Wars Celebration Pass and Badge Art Poster Complete 2017 MilnersBlog

All the Star Wars Celebration 2017 Passes and Badge art, each one recreated in Hi-Resolution, click on each one to see in more detail.

The Complete Star Wars Celebration 2017 Pass & Badge Art Collection Poster

Art by Paul Shipper © 2017 & TM LucasFilm Ltd

12 thoughts on “The Star Wars Celebration 2017 Badges”

    1. Cheers for heads up Craig, it was the only one I couldn’t find the correct colour for and used what they had previously… I’ll get it updated and re-uploaded

      Thanks again

  1. No worries great work my friend
    shame this could of been done for all the celebrations
    could the top pic the one where they all over lap be available as high res download

    1. I did a blog last year when Craig Drake designed the passes, but I agree it would be good to have an archive… I’ll upload the high res banner one for you as well

  2. One of my contacts said it was a burgundy color with the word VETERAN at the bottom. She can’t remember the character that was on it.
    I have asked paul shipper if he remembers doing s veterans badge art

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