Alien Covenant PARADISE begins in Hell Poster

PARADISE begins in Hell…

One of my favourite film posters this year is the intense new poster for Alien: Covenant! Unlike most of the other lazy posters that the studios release these days, they’ve actually put some artistic effort into this. The first two which had a fairly ominous and simplistic look to them, but this new variant  by 20th Century Fox features a full view of the “Protomorph” Xenomorph surrounded by what look to be dead Engineer bodies and other Aliens! The background looks very similar to Alien hive walls as well, and interestingly teases the Alien Queen hidden in the background.

Ultimately this poster seems to depict a collage of chaos, showing the overthrow of the Engineer society by the infection of the hostile Alien race, something which might tie back to the finale of the Alien: Covenant | Prologue: The Crossing, showing Michael release the pods onto the Engineers homeworld…see below

The path to PARADISE begins in Hell… Check it out:

Alien Covenant Chaos Poster
Alien Covenant Chaos Poster

The latest poster is quite tame in comparison, very Ripley Alien esque.

alien covenant poster UK
alien covenant poster UK


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